Digital transformation

As part of the public call for incentives for the digital transformation of SMEs (P4D-ReactEU), our company obtained financing in the amount of EUR 100,000 to ensure the digital transformation of key processes in the company.

The aim of the operation is to carry out the digital transformation of JAVNA RAZSVETLJAVA D.D., and the implementation of measures in individual key areas based on a digital strategy.

The objectives of the operation are:

  • increase in added value per employee,
  • implementation of digital transformation in at least three business functions,
  • raising the digital competences of all employees,
  • improving the customer experience,
  • implementation of measures to optimize operations or upgrade existing business models,
  • changed awareness of the importance of digitization and digital transformation in the company,
  • raising cyber security,
  • increasing the number of proposals for innovation.


“The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development”. Link to the website of the European cohesion policy in Slovenia: