We carry out new constructions and maintenance work in the field of light road and traffic signaling. In a narrower sense, this means traffic lights, and in a broader sense, all signaling that is powered by electricity and that works in the context of safety and traffic management.

The offer of traffic light services includes:

  • Traffic lights at intersections and pedestrian crossings
  • Traffic signalling with light signs,
  • Radar boards for measuring and reporting speed,
  • Motorway portals,
  • Warning light boards at railway crossings,
  • Boards for reporting wind speed.

Non-light signaling

Road infrastructure requires that, in addition to lighting and dynamic light signaling, we also need non-light signaling. To provide an integrated service, we also enable:

  • supply and installation of traffic signs,
  • production of floor markings and lines,
  • installation of temporary prisons,
  • production of signs according to the wishes of the customer.


To complete the entire range of the offer, we are also experienced in the field of road portals installation on motorways and expressways. In cooperation with the company DARS, we have set up several portals throughout the entire highway intersection throughout Slovenia.

We are involved in the project from the very beginning of the design and through the final implementation to handing over the building. Due to the wide aspect of the staff, we also carry out stakeouts as far as this is necessary and offer support in construction works, and we also carry out the entire electrical installation.

The installation of the portals is a demanding task, as it is necessary to lay the foundations of the portals, connect the electrical and fiber optic network, erect steel safety fences, all while the traffic at the prison is flowing. All works are carried out during the partial closure of the exit lanes. when the portals are installed, the entire highway must be closed. Our teams, with their experience and coordination with the rest of the project stakeholders, carry out all the work quickly and safely.

Railway signaling

Work in the field of railways requires additional knowledge and additional training. Javna razsvetljava d.d. provides staff with all the necessary certificates who can work in the area of railway transport.

In this area, we supply and install:

  • MV and TK devices,
  • level crossings,
  • heated tracks,
  • cathodic protection,
  • we carry out cabling and lighting installation.