Traffic light intersection

Logatec, SLO

As part of the modernization of the intersection on the main road in Logatec, we implemented new traffic lights at the pedestrian crossing. We completely installed a traffic-lighted pedestrian crossing, from tying up the electrical installations to the installation of pillars and a whip above the crossing.

Control and management system, DARS

AC Križ, SLO

As part of the cooperation with the company DARS d.d., we took on the task of setting up new portals at the motorway intersection of Slovenia and establishing control of the southern ring road with a SCADA system.

Tunnel under the Ljubljana castle

Ljubljana, SLO

The tunnel under the castle is one of the spots in Ljubljana that we have been taking care of for decades. In addition to lighting maintenance, we also take care of the maintenance and control of all tunnel systems through our own SCADA system. The system was developed in-house and receives regular security checks.