CITY decorations

One of the main branches that we carry out is putting up New Year’s decorations. For many years we have been decorating the Slovenian capital – Ljubljana, which is recognized even by foreigners as one of the most beautifully decorated cities in the region. We are also present in Koper, Ilirska Bistrica, Mirna, Hrastnik, etc.

In addition to the provision of quality materials and timely execution, our guiding principle is the use of materials and devices that ensure lower consumption of electricity and thus optimization of the client’s costs.

If your municipality would also like to have a New Year’s decoration, please contact us at:
[email protected]


If you also have a spruce growing on your land, with which you would like to brighten up the next festive decoration of the city, we invite you to contact the Municipality of Ljubljana or Javno razsvetljava d.d. at any time of the year.

Provide the location of the spruce and your contact information, the best phone number where you can be reached. Based on your notification and prior agreement, we will conduct a joint inspection of the tree and assess its suitability.

You can send us the information until November 2022 at: [email protected]