Lighting maintenance is our core service, which we have been providing since our foundation.

We carry out high-quality public lighting projects and pride ourselves on providing the best solutions from parking lots and streets to highways and sports facilities.

With proper maintenance planning and execution, our highly skilled teams manage and maintain your facilities to meet your requirements and follow global guidelines and energy requirements.

Supervision and management

All our lighting is controlled from a control center. In the control center, via remote access and the SCADA system, we can access lamps that have built-in smart control systems.

We can monitor electricity consumption in real time, their operation and errors, monitor electrical parameters and set lighting conditions via remote access. At the same time, the lighting in the tunnel under the castle in Ljubljana can also be controlled from the control center.

All lighting and associated attributes are always entered into the system, where we keep records of all lamps, their parameters and all performed work related to them.

Creation and management
of the cadastre

During the creation and management of the cadastre, we enable accurate monitoring of the actual state of lighting in the field.

With the help of the cadastre, you can check information such as:

  • the age, type or power of the lamp,
  • its operation/non-operation,
  • the number of lamps in any area,
  • debugging times, etc.


We are one of the main lighting maintenance companies in Slovenia. We are already trusted by 24 municipalities throughout Slovenia and 2 abroad. Experience, staff and hard work enable us to carry out all maintenance tasks in municipalities at the highest possible level.

In addition to regular maintenance, we help municipalities with energy renovations, new constructions and reconstructions, both public lighting and sports facilities, we help with the introduction of new technologies.

Municipality of Ilirska Bistrica

Ilirska Bistrica, SLO

The municipality of Ilirska Bistrica is the third largest municipality in Slovenia in terms of its territory. In the municipality, we actively participate in the replacement of lighting, the installation of new lighting, we take care of its operation, and we also provide New Year’s decorations and the installation of road flashing lights.

Municipality of Ljubljana

Ljubljana, SLO

In the Municipality of Ljubljana, in addition to lighting maintenance, we also provide implementation of new public and indoor lighting projects, maintenance and installation of road flashing lights and traffic lights. We also take care of the thematic lighting of the castle and control the Tunnel under the Castle.

Municipality of Koper

Koper, SLO

The municipality of Koper is one of the largest municipalities in terms of the number of lamps that we maintain. In addition to ordinary maintenance, we also take care of renovations and updates, and we also put up New Year’s decorations, which have become very famous throughout Slovenia and abroad in recent years.