Smart lighting

Smart lighting provides:

  • safety,
  • comfort,
  • savings,
  • better management,
  • care for the environment,
  • better well-being of residents.

With smart lighting, it is possible to ensure savings, meet technical requirements and still take care of the environment.

Smart solutions

In addition to the lighting itself, we also provide:

  • SCADA management,
  • sensors for vehicle and movement detection,
  • video surveillance,
  • Zhaga and NEMA system connectivity,
  • weather stations,
  • weather adjustment of lighting,
  • traffic counters,
  • implementation of the client’s remaining wishes

Smart City

Cities can also benefit from the interconnection between smart street lights and other smart city systems. For example, the street lights of the future will adjust the colour of an ambulance’s path.

We use the latest connection technologies such as:

  • Wired communication (PLC – PowerLine Communication)
  • LTE-M,
  • LoRa,
  • NB-IoT,
  • GSM (3G, 4G, 5G),
  • WiFi (Protocols according to IEEE 802.15.4 +),
  • The rest.


The lamps serve as an ideal position for cities and utility providers to easily install various smart city devices and sensors on the pole itself, such as:

  • security camera,
  • environmental sensor,
  • traffic counter,
  • charger for electric vehicles (EV),
  • cameras with artificial intelligence,
  • sound sensors,
  • vibration sensors,
  • smart billboards,
  • etc.

Municipality of Ljubljana

Ljubljana, SLO

In the Municipality of Ljubljana, in addition to lighting maintenance, we also provide implementation of new public and indoor lighting projects, maintenance and installation of road flashing lights and traffic lights. We also take care of the thematic lighting of the castle and control the Tunnel under the Castle.

Municipality of Koper

Koper, SLO

The municipality of Koper is one of the largest municipalities in terms of the number of lamps that we maintain. In addition to ordinary maintenance, we also take care of renovations and updates, and we also put up New Year’s decorations, which have become very famous throughout Slovenia and abroad in recent years.

Lighting replacement in Šentilj

Šentilj, SLO

The municipality of Šentilj decided to replace the lighting in the entire municipality. In order to reduce lighting costs and achieve greater savings, 53 ignition points were replaced and renovated. The lighting in question is now remotely controlled via the company’s SCADA system, which was also developed at JRL.