Outdoor playground lighting

With extensive experience in the implementation of outdoor lighting, we also carry out the implementation and planning of sports fields:

  • soccer fields,
  • basketball courts,
  • tennis courts,
  • small sports fields,
  • mixed sports fields,
  • bike parks,
  • volleyball courts,
  • according to the client’s wishes.


By following standards and technical guidelines, as well as regulations on light pollution and the rules of sports associations, we create the best possible lighting conditions for the game. With low glare, adequate lighting levels and indistinct shadows, we provide the best possible user experience.

Indoor playground lighting

In addition to outdoor lighting, we also deal with the planning and implementation of lighting for indoor sports facilities and halls:

  • all hall sizes,
  • all purposes of sports halls.
  • smart switching on and off of sections and individual lamps (DALI – regulation)


We also carry out energy renovations of buildings and halls, where we carry out energy rehabilitation through our own funds and various national and European tenders. The savings that are achieved are an additional plus that the sports facility and the user obtain after the renovation and appropriate lighting of the sports facility.

Taking into account all the necessary standards and technical guidelines, we carry out the renovation of the lighting and electrical installation. Care must be taken not to damage the sports surface during the reconstruction. The technical team provides the best possible lamps to create the best lighting conditions.


As mentioned, our projects do not only cover sports halls for the most popular sports, but also for other sports facilities. We have carried out renovations or new constructions for various other facilities:

  • bocce courts,
  • climbing halls,
  • bike parks,
  • outdoor training grounds,
  • street-Workout facilities,
  • ski jumps,
  • walking and cycling paths.

You can view the completed renovations and new constructions of playgrounds and other sports facilities under the reference tab.

The Stožice arena

Ljubljana, SLO

The Stožice arena received new LED lighting, which ensures the best possible lighting conditions for the game and players, as well as for match broadcasts and the atmosphere in the hall. After the renovation, LED lighting brings greater savings with better lighting conditions.

Stadium NK Apače

Apače, SLO

As part of the modernization and upgrading of the sports complex in Apače, we erected four new lighting poles and installed 12 LED reflectors on them, which are used to illuminate the auxiliary field for playing indoor soccer.

Ski jump Planica

Podkoren, SLO

Planica is one of the biggest projects we have carried out. The basic purpose of the lighting system is to provide adequate and sufficient artificial light in the evening and at night in the area of the entire landing area of the HS139 and HS104 ski jumps.