SKI JUMP Planica, podkoren, Slovenija

Planica is one of the biggest projects we have carried out. The basic purpose of the lighting system is to provide adequate and sufficient artificial light in the evening and at night in the area of the entire landing area of the HS139 and HS104 ski jumps.

Technical information

Implementation date: 2015

Number of installed lamps: 135

Število drogov: 6

Lighting surface: 12.500 m2

Total connection power: 310 kW

Illumination levels: 50 -150 – 300 lx

Lighting system:

The installed electric power is 310 kW.

Three lighting mode options:

  • 1000 lx for the needs of TV transmission,
  • 300 lx for the needs of national matches and trainings,
  • 50 lx for the maintenance and preparation of the ski jump;

The selection of equipment and the orientation of the reflectors is carried out in such a way that it does not cause glare and glare, and generally prevents unnecessary scattering of light outside the lighting area:

  • the light color of the lamps is 5600 K;
  • all pillars are positioned on the SE side;
  • the lighting was designed in accordance with the SIST EN:12193 standard.

The lighting area is approximately 12,500 m2. There are 6 stands – columns with a total of 135 reflectors. Due to difficult accessibility, part of the lighting installation was also carried out with the help of a helicopter.

The classification is as follows:

  • pillar 1: height 35 m, 9x reflector;
  • pillar 2: height 38 m, 18x reflector;
  • pillar 3: height 15 m above the RTV tower, 28x reflector;
  • pillar 4: height 30 m, 20x reflector;
  • pillar 5: height 30 m, 24x reflector;
  • pillar 6: height 30 m, 36x reflector;

The control system is designed in such a way as to ensure reliable operation, while at the same time representing easy servicing from one location on the facility and optionally also remotely, via the CNS system.

Stožice Arena

Ljubljana, SLO

The Stožice Arena received new LED lighting, which ensures the best possible lighting conditions for the game and players, as well as for match broadcasts and the atmosphere in the hall. After the renovation, LED lighting brings greater savings with better lighting conditions.

Stožice auxiliary playground

Ljubljana, SLO

As part of the projects of the City of Ljubljana and Sport Ljubljana, we installed LED lighting on the auxiliary football field in the Stožice sports center. The lighting is sufficient for training and playing matches of lower football leagues.

Soccer field Rečica ob Savinji

Rečica ob Savinji, SLO

In Rečica ob Savinja, a decision was made to build a new football stadium. The installation of lighting, which was carried out by our company, also belonged to the set of new buildings. New goalposts were installed at all ends of the pitch and appropriate LED lighting was installed.