Lighting of tunnels

Javna razsvetljava d.d. is one of the leading companies in Slovenia for the integrated service of designing and manufacturing lighting and markings in tunnels.

We also provide systems for:

  • video surveillance,
  • emergency power supply,
  • emergency and directional signaling
  • fire detection
  • ventilation and air system
  • SCADA management.

Tunnel control and management

In addition to the implementation itself, we also have experience with monitoring and managing tunnels. In our system, we manage the tunnel under the castle in Ljubljana. In the tunnel we control:

  • lighting,
  • flue gases,
  • ventilation,
  • SCADA management,
  • signalization management.


43.867 m

Straževica tunnel

Straževica, SRB

For the company JP Putevi Srbije, we completely carried out electrical installations, installation of signaling equipment, installation of safety equipment and lighting of the facility in the Straževica tunnel in Serbia, 772 m long.

Tabor tunnel

Sežana, SLO

In the Tabor tunnel in Sežana, we carried out all electrical engineering work as part of safety systems, signalling systems, traffic lights and tunnel lighting. Adherence to the standards for the implementation of electrical installations as well as lighting required careful planning by the teams as well as the excellent practical implementation of the project.

Kastelec tunnel

Kastelec, SLO

Javna razsvetljava d.d. was actively involved in the replacement of electrical installations and equipment, the assembly and connection of mechanical installations and the replacement of lighting in the Kastelec tunnel. In addition to the installations, we also upgraded the SCADA tunnel management system.