Awareness of maintaining a stable environment, reducing emissions and caring for the environment drives our company forward.

With energy renovations, we can significantly reduce electricity consumption, even up to 80%, and recoup the investment in new lighting within a few years. With the help of financing offered by the company Javna razsvetljava d.d. it is possible to provide lighting even without an initial investment, only through the recovery of investment savings over a certain period of time.

By switching to LED lighting, we limit the unwanted effects of lighting on the environment, reduce CO2 emissions and increase savings. It is important to observe the Regulation on limit values of light pollution and to cooperate with the international organization International Dark Sky.

Technically appropriate lighting

All energy renovations carried out are based on lighting technical calculations that comply with standards and technical guidelines.

With the help of advanced programs, we carry out lighting simulations, thus ensuring the most suitable and energy-efficient lamps for your project.

Adequately trained staff will create the best possible project based on your requirements and standards, which can also be supplemented with smart city components.

High savings

With appropriate calculations and the use of high-quality LED lamps from world-renowned manufacturers and materials, we ensure that the replacement of lighting for the customer is fast, comfortable, and brings him a huge saving compared to classic outdated lamps.

Our experts accurately calculate savings and keep records of consumed energy, which users of our services can access through the JRL Portal.

Technically properly made lighting calculations ensure high accuracy of simulations compared to the real situation. in this way, we select the optimal lamps for the object in question, with which we ensure the highest possible efficiency and, as a result, savings.

For more information on calculating savings for your facility, please contact us.

Arena Stožice

Ljubljana, SLO

The Stožice Arena received new LED lighting, which ensures the best possible lighting conditions for the game and players, as well as for match broadcasts and the atmosphere in the hall. After the renovation, LED lighting brings greater savings with better lighting conditions.

Energetic renovation of schools in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, SLO

In cooperation with the Municipality of Ljubljana, as part of the EOL 2 project, which covers the energy renovation of larger buildings in the municipality, we carried out renovations for 11 buildings. Energy rehabilitation brings great savings in electricity.

Sports hall Tri lilije

Laško, SLO

With the renovation of the roof, the light shafts that let in daylight were closed, and the hall lighting is getting stronger and more energy-saving LED lighting. Adequate lighting levels provide better conditions for the game than the old lighting.