As part of the modernization of the intersection on the main road in Logatec, we implemented new traffic lights at the pedestrian crossing. We completely installed a traffic lighted pedestrian crossing, from tying up the electrical installations to the installation of pillars and a whip above the crossing.

A semaphore crossing, accompanied by a pedestrian announcement when crossing. Javna razsvetljava d.d. participated in the reconstruction of pedestrian crossings and intersections.

Additionally, we provided a new electrical cabinet and replaced the lighting in the intersection with new economical and efficient LED lighting.

Technical information

Implementation date: 2022

Number of installed lamps: 10

Number of traffic lights: 4

Municipality of Ilirska Bistrica​

Ilirska Bistrica, SLO

The municipality of Ilirska Bistrica is the third largest municipality in Slovenia in terms of its territory. In the municipality, we actively participate in the replacement of lighting, the installation of new lighting, we take care of its operation, and we also provide New Year’s decorations and the installation of road flashing lights.

In the Municipality of Ljubljana, in addition to lighting maintenance, we also provide implementation of new public and indoor lighting projects, maintenance and installation of road flashing lights and traffic lights. We also take care of the thematic lighting of the castle and control the Tunnel under the Castle.

Municipality of Koper

Koper, SLO

The municipality of Koper is one of the largest municipalities in terms of the number of lamps that we maintain. In addition to ordinary maintenance, we also take care of renovations and updates, and we also put up New Year’s decorations, which have become very famous throughout Slovenia and abroad in recent years.