lighting replacement in NOVIGRAD, CROATIA

As part of ESCO projects, the public lighting in the entire area of the city was replaced in the Croatian city of Novigrad. Our teams have fully implemented the design, replacement, measurements and delivery of the new public lighting. We replaced the lamps with our own teams.

In one of the most beautiful Istrian cities – Novigrad, Javna razsvetljava d.d. finished renovating the public lighting. We replaced approximately 900 lamps, and the investment was made according to the principle of electricity savings.

Technical data

Implementation date: 2022

Number of installed lamps: 900

Municipality of Ilirska Bistrica​

Ilirska Bistrica, SLO

The municipality of Ilirska Bistrica is the third largest municipality in Slovenia in terms of its territory. In the municipality, we actively participate in the replacement of lighting, the installation of new lighting, we take care of its operation, and we also provide New Year’s decorations and the installation of road flashing lights.

Replacement of lighting in Šentilj

Šentilj, SLO

The municipality of Šentilj decided to replace the lighting in the entire municipality. In order to reduce lighting costs and achieve greater savings, 53 ignition points were replaced and renovated. The lighting in question is now remotely controlled via the company’s SCADA system, which was also developed at JRL.

Replacement of lighting in Podgorica

Podgorica, MNG

As part of the energy renovation of lighting in the area of the city of Podgorica and its surroundings, the company replaced the old lighting with new LED lighting. In the first part of the renovation, 11,000 lamps were replaced and a complete inventory and cadastre were created.