Renovation of the lighting in the center of Ribnica

On April 7, 2022, the mayor, Samo Pogorelc, signed a contract for the renovation and expansion of street lighting in the town center of Ribnica.

On April 7, 2022, the mayor, Samo Pogorelc, signed a contract for the renewal and expansion of street lighting in the town center of Ribnica, which represents one of the most important implementation projects and which we will approach as early as next week, namely the existing street lighting is currently very deficient and dilapidated , only 12 lamps are still working.

All new street lamps, there will be 61 of them in total, will be in the form of a classic square lantern, in a modern look without figurative accessories or ornaments, in steel design and matte color. The mounting plate will be decorated with the pond coat of arms.

The entire investment includes the construction of cable ducting with a total length of 998 meters, 44 new connecting electrical shafts, vertical cable ducting to the 32 console lamps, connection boxes under the console lamps, supply and installation of lamps on candelabra, as many as 29 new ones are planned.

In the public procurement procedure, the company Javna razsvetljava d. d. from Ljubljana, was selected as the most favourable bidder. It is expected to complete the contract work by the end of August 2022. The value of the entire project is estimated at over €338,000.00 including VAT.

In this way, the city center will soon shine with economical, environmentally friendly lamps and at the same time offer safety to all pedestrians and other road users.


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