Mladinskih delovnih brigad Square, LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIJA

The Municipality of Ljubljana completed the renovation of the Mladinskih delovnih brigad Square (Trg MDB), planted new trees and installed urban equipment, and replaced the public lighting, which is visually inconspicuous, but allows a pleasant coexistence of light and space.

In the northern and southern parts of Trg MDB, paved park and green areas were arranged, trees were planted and urban equipment was installed. At the same time, the water supply, gas pipeline and public lighting were renewed.

With the renovation, the desire was to increase the quality of public space and restore the role of a market to Trg MDB. Areas for pedestrians and cyclists have increased, and the area has also become more attractive for providers of business and commercial services.

Works carried out in the public procurement procedure by the selected company KPL d.o.o. together with PZG d.o.o., will last approximately one year. The contract value is EUR 2,994,035.80 excluding VAT.

As part of the renovation, a monument to the Defenders of the City of Ljubljana 1991 was erected this year to mark the 30th anniversary of independence and the war for Slovenia.

Technical information

Implementation date: 2022

Kajuhova Street

Ljubljana, SLO

Kajuhova Street in Ljubljana underwent a comprehensive restoration and renovation. In addition to the lighting, the traffic lights were also replaced. We also implemented smart remote lighting control based on traffic and weather.

Hradetcki park

Ljubljana, SLO

Hradecki Park was a completely renovated park, which was carried out entirely by us. The park has been visually as well as practically integrated into the local environment and modernized, and aesthetically designed lighting has also been added.

Bratislavska Street

Ljubljana, SLO

The renovated lighting on Bratislavska Street is part of the plan to renovate the surroundings of BTC in Ljubljana. The lighting meets all the necessary standards from the project, and highly efficient, energy-saving LED lamps are installed.