Sports school playground Medvode, SLOVENIJA

Athletes and recreational players expressed their wish for lighting on the playground right after the playground was opened. Javna razsvetljava d.d. as the main contractor, installed the equipment in the electrical cabinets, carried out the construction work of placing the pillars, and installed the lamps on the playground itself. Projected lighting was appropriately planned for the use of the playground, without unnecessary over-lighting.

Javna razsvetljava d.d. gave the playground in Medvode a new look at night time. Properly designed lamps, which provide quality lighting at night, make it possible to increase the gaming capabilities of the surrounding residents in the dark parts of the day or year.

The lighting is implemented in such a way as to reduce glare, to ensure an adequate level of illumination and to avoid inadequate shading of the area.

The company Javna razsvetljava d.d. performed:

  • installation of lamps,
  • electrical connections when setting up poles,
  • necessary electrical installations,
  • necessary construction works,
  • manufactured electrical cabinets and
  • carried out electrical and lighting technical measurements.

Technical information

Implementation date: 2022

Ski jump Planica

Podkoren, SLO

Planica is one of the biggest projects we have carried out. The basic purpose of the lighting system is to provide adequate and sufficient artificial light in the evening and at night in the area of the entire landing area of the HS139 and HS104 ski jumps.

Stadium Portoval FC Krka

Novo Mesto, SLO

As part of the renovation of the Portoval stadium for the Krka football club, a decision was made to replace and especially upgrade the lighting of the stadium. Four 18-meter columns serve to hold LED floodlights, which provide high levels of illumination.

Stadium FC Dobrovce

Dobrovce, SLO

In 2022, the stadium of the football club Dobrovce was modernized, both in terms of facilities and surroundings, as well as lighting. With the help of four lighting poles and several options for regulating the light flux, we installed the lighting and all associated elements.